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Diabolical Carnival - OOC community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Diabolical Carnival - OOC community

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By the way [Aug. 7th, 2007|01:37 am]
Diabolical Carnival - OOC community

No events are going on in the Carnivals. Just get to know each other, post in the communities, etcetera. Right now, the only thing is the garden variety mook monsters. Easily dispatched even by beginners. Go for it, form early alliances. And ignore the moderator's evil cackling; nothing's going to happen right away.
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All righty then [Aug. 6th, 2007|11:17 am]
Diabolical Carnival - OOC community

Both Carnivals are up and running. Say hello to Carnival Diabolique and Carnival Noir!

Please make sure to read the rules on the info page. I added a new rule about putting character info SOMEWHERE and I put information about the duel Carnivals.
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A Carnival Noir? [Aug. 1st, 2007|11:09 pm]
Diabolical Carnival - OOC community

I know there are plenty of people that don't want anything to do with LJ anymore, and there are people like me that had a character somewhere, and gave up the journal to someone else. So, how does an offshoot sound? A Carnival Noir, so to speak. It can interact with Carnival Diabolique if the muns so wish, but it can have its own threads and its own events. I know it sounds weird and confusing, but basically the two can interact, or they can be separate, depending on how you want it. And each character can be different. Like, say, for me: y!Asch can be in both and his actions influence both, but OMG!Symphonia Colette is only in the IJ one, and her actions don't influence what happens in the LJ one (If the mun for IC!Colette decides to join), and Andy's in both but his actions only influence the site it's on. Like IJ only influences Carnival Noir, and LJ influences Carnival Diabolique.

If this confuses you, or if this interests you and you wish to know more, comment here.
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Description/Rules so far [Jul. 18th, 2007|09:10 pm]
Diabolical Carnival - OOC community


No Cameras - No Weapons - No Holy Water

In all the time you've been alive, there has been strife and destruction. The world has been in danger, and you have worked your hardest with your friends and family to stop it. Anyone that has gone through such hardship deserves a break, and a "carnival" sounds about right.

The carnival is wonderful. Bright lights, music, and food. You wander further and further in, following the row of lights until you notice the shops around you are... different. The faces of the shopkeepers have a demonic tint to them, and their wares cast shadows of human flesh and bone. The scent changes - once heavy with food and dust, it now smells of rotten garbage and graves. Suddenly, the lights around you shatter, leaving you in the darkness.

This is when you realize you are alone - not even the venders remain - and the product for sale is truly a human hand...


Welcome to Carnival Diabolique! The Carnival is a multi-fandom roleplay. Unlike many other multi-fandom roleplays, the characters were not sucked in from their own world, but rather knew they were going there. Whether they went of their own free will or their friends forced them to go is your own choice given it'd fit the character.

Everything started out fine... but now your character is alone. And the Carnival is filled with monsters, from sharp-toothed clowns to knife-wielding carnies. The exit is there, but the exit keeps moving. In fact, everything keeps moving. Two days ago, the infirmary may have been next to the Merry-Go-Round in the middle but now it's next to the electrified fence on the edge of the property. There are safe places, but they're not what you think.

The plan isn't to get out of the Carnival. It's to survive.


General Roleplay Rules

1. Stay as IC as possible. Unless you decide to take part in certain events, who your character is shouldn't change.

2. This is a roleplay. This is not serious business. Play nice, and don't take what a character says as what the mun believes.

3. If something happens between you and another mun, please try to clear things up before going to a mod. If things cannot be cleared up between you two, do not go over the other mun's head. Bring it to the attention of the mods with the other mun fully aware of what you're doing.

4. No god-modding, plzkthx. Unless you play both characters, don't post responses to your character's actions. Also, your character isn't the best at everything. Take your hits.

5. All pairings are welcome. If you are going to be a dick about the fact there are heterosexual or homosexual couplings, or a pairing that breaks up your OTP, don't read those threads. Your browser does come equipped with a back button.

6. Make an attempt at good grammar and spelling. I understand English isn't everyone's first language, but please make the attempt. We do need to understand what you're saying.

7. Please try to update at least once every one to two weeks. If you need to go on hiatus, or you're leaving hiatus from another roleplay and taking the character out, please make a note.

Special Carnival Rules

1. You can use characters from previous roleplays or characters that are on hiatus. Or, you can make a journal and take a character just for this roleplay. This DOES MEAN we can have more than one version of a character in this roleplay at once, as long as the other versions are from other roleplays. That means only one Carnival-only version!

2. Post to the community. This is to keep the journals that are just on hiatus and will go back to their normal roleplays from being cluttered up with entries that have nothing to do with their game.

3. A post by your character is your character talking. That said, unless the character has a radio (pick one up at your customer service desk! If you can find it), the character can't talk to another that's across the grounds.

4. There are no applications and the community is open for joining. No applications does not invalidate the need to remain IC.

5. At this moment, original characters are NOT ALLOWED. This may change, but as of right now, them's the breaks.

6. Your character does keep the equipment and powers as before, at pretty much the same level. But the monsters you have to fight are harder than the usual monsters back in the character's world, and they will get tougher.

Found Safe Places
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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2007|09:03 pm]
Diabolical Carnival - OOC community

[music |Nemo-Nightwish]

Welcome to the Carnival!

This is the OOC community. Yes, I made the OOC comm first, mostly for discussion. If you want to discuss how to RP here, what we should do, explanation of rules, go ahead and post here. Open posting, open membership.
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